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Medellin Colombia: Plaza Botero

Medellin has a reputation that’s left over from the 80′s and early 90′s. It’s now a fantastic destination with a perfect temperature just about every day of 72-75 fahrenheit . This photo is from Plaza Botero, where I’m enjoying (maybe a little too much) one of the awesome Botero sculptures. We spent a long time wandering the area near the plaza, including a worthwhile trip inside the Museo de Antioquia, […]

Linda Salinas Ecuador and Hostal Aqui

Most Americans have probably never heard of (much less thought about visiting) Salinas, Ecuador. About 2 hours North of Guayaquil on Pacific Ocean, Salinas is a lovely place. Salinas is a beach town of about 60,000 permanent residents that more than doubles during the high season (December to May). On the edge of the malecon (boardwalk) is a comfortable hostal (Spanish spelling) run by American Expat William Taylor. It’s well-located […]

Welcome to SouthofAmerica

From Brazil to Argentina, Colombia to Peru and beyond, Latin America is emerging as this century’s land of opportunity. This site aims to capture, comment on, and share the best of this information to a community that cares about traveling, living, investing, working, and learning about thisdiverse region’s cultures, businesses, technology, politics, and more. is a social news site dedicated to reporting, curating, aggregating, and analyzing the top English-language […]

An insider’s view on the protests in Brazil

Today there was another protest. This time in front of my offices in Dom Luis Avenue in the commercial heart of Fortaleza, NE Brazil. I’ve been to a couple but this time decided to take my car off the street at 4pm and go home. I wasn’t afraid of violence in the protests. I was afraid of traffic. So I went home earlier. Even though the international news agencies have […]